What if I told you...

that in just 90 days you could start following your trading plan and end the cycle of losing your gains?


 There are many reasons why you wouldn't believe me


 You are ambitious and you had success before, right? But you know that in trading, no matter how hard you try, it is tough to remain disciplined. You second-guess yourself, get impatient and jump the gun.

The adverse market conditions makes you succumb to the pressure and make mistakes. You start loosing your confidence and begin to wonder,

"Am I ever gonna make it?"

Starting the right way 


Most people start trading because they want to have financial freedom and realize their dream life. But they focus mainly on making money and end up struggling to achieve consistent profit. They lose their confidence (and the gains), get stressed out and eventually give up.

Did you know that 95% of traders fail because they cannot overcome the mental challenge of trading and stick to their rules?

Your key to success 


Your trading success does not depend on whether you know how to read the charts or when to buy and sell.

Trading knowledge is important, but the key to your trading success is your ability to consistently follow your strategy and make the right decisions when the pressure and emotions are high. 

Doing what's right. Keeping your word. Trusting your trading decisions and following your plan.

Work smart, not hard


Your mind is a powerful force that you can use to realize anything you want in life. But if you don't manage it properly, in trading it can cause you financial and emotional devastation. 

Trained mind helps you close the psychological gap between knowing and doing. It gives you power others can only dream of. 

Following your trading strategy becomes effortless.

That's why I developed 

The Confident Trader


to help you stick to your rules, follow your trading strategy and trust your decisions, so you can generate consistent profit. 

This program 

will help you become the trader many aspire to be.



While other programs teach trading theory and strategies, this program focuses on the key factors influencing traders’ behavior and creating the ideal conditions needed to achieve desired and lasting trading results.

What can you expect from the program?

Mindset shift

  • You will make the shift you need in order to develop a set of attitudes that will allow you to trade with confidence, remain disciplined and focused in adverse conditions.

Becoming consistent winner

  • You will learn to stop sabotaging your success and gain good habits that support your goals.
  • You will build emotional and mental resilience that will help you secure lasting results.

A strategy for success

  • Based on your trading goals, your strategy and your personal objectives you will develop a trading plan that you can easily follow. So, that you have a clear and simple roadmap to your goals.

What the students say...

Ed M.

Forex Trader


"I have been trading for 4 years and the only thing consistent during that time is consistently not being profitable. I have been working with Agnieszka for about 5 weeks and during that time have managed a 17% overall return on my account. It's all in the belief's and blocking through the thoughts that have not served me in the past. I can not wait to see where this journey takes me!"

Luke P.

Option's Trader


"Just had some great improvements in the last few weeks! Last week I had a nice 75% win rate with my trades vs much lower just a few weeks before. 
These last 8 days I haven't had a red day and have a win rate of 88%! I've done 8 trades and up 110% ROI. Couldn't have done it without you Agnieszka Wood! Thanks again for all your help!"

The Confident Trader Coaching Program for Traders


☑️    stop breaking your rules


☑️    get in charge of your emotions


☑️    trust your trading decisions


☑️    start following your plan


If you have a trading strategy, but struggle to stick to it, keep breaking your rules and simply cannot achieve profit consistency - this program is perfect for you!


Why is The Confident Trader program so effective?

Unique Actionable Content


This program is not trading theory, because it's not the theory what's stopping you from getting consistent profits!

This program is specifically designed to take you through a transformation, so you become a trader at your core and to build the ideal conditions needed for lasting results.

It is based on scientific principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, personally tested and proved by my students (and myself).

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions


On top of all the program content that is unique and you will not find it anywhere else, you'll attend weekly meetings with your coach. 

These live weekly online sessions are invaluable as they offer you insights and real-time mindset shifts to help you move forward on your journey.

They also assure all your questions get answered.

Focus On Your Transformation & Success


The focus of this program is your success as a trader and your consistent results.

Accountability plays a big role here. That means you will have plenty of contact with your coach throughout the entire program and opportunities to work closely together!

Thanks to the direct and frequent interaction and guidance, you get the most value out of the program and your investment.

Get on a call with me and find out if you qualify!

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and start building consistency in your trading right away!

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