Mindset Mastery for Traders Podcast

In each episode of the Confidence in Trading Podcast:

  • Listen to real-life conversations with traders at various stages of their journey.
  • Get ready for unfiltered and uncensored trading stories, from the highs to the lows.
  • Take a deep dive into different trading perspectives, with fresh takes on trading tips and strategies that will keep you ahead of the game.
  • Discover the stories of how others began their trading journey, how they progressed to the next level, and how experienced traders with over 30 years of experience conquered challenges and celebrated successes.
  • Gain powerful inspiration for achieving your own trading dreams!

Featured Episodes

🎧 38 min

Episode 19:
The Terrifying Truth About Fear

🎧 30 min

Episode 15:
Emotional Control or Mastery

🎧 52 min 

Episode 3:
Trading for a Living

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