I have a question for you...

Can you turn your trading into a reliable source of income,

if you cannot follow your plan consistently?





















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If you cannot, why would you stay in a failing cycle even a minute longer?

Time is against you! 

Every day that you make the same mistakes, such as breaking your trading rules, reinforces your bad trading habits as well as your limiting beliefs and makes your sabotaging behavior even stronger.

Not worth the risk!

According to research, operating under continuous stress and anxiety, such as failing, losing, and working hard but having nothing to show for it, can impact the well-being of your mind and body, increasing your chance of long-term health problems.

Dead End Road! 

Most traders who stay in the failing cycle for too long have to give up trading eventually. Or they lose their money, health or self-confidence. It is not unheard of that some lose it all.


Your ability to read charts or knowing when to buy and sell is useless,

if you cannot stick to your plan.

The most effective way to achieve consistency

is aligning your beliefs with your intentions to trade for a living.

And that's why I designed 


The mindset coaching program to help you with this alignment!




ūüü°  Discover and shift your limiting beliefs to get out of the failing cycle


ūüü°  Develop a successful trading mindset to build consistency and become profitable 


ūüü° Build the right conditions to assure that your consistent performance will last

What will your journey look like?

How soon can I expect results?


Watch this student's journey and see what he has achieved.


Check out What My Students Say!

A Remarkable Trading Psychology Course


Agnieszka's trading psychology course exceeded all expectations, providing personalized guidance and support that had a profound impact on my life. Her course not only improved my trading skills, but it also enhanced my overall well-being, instilling in me a sense of empowerment and personal growth that extends beyond the trading floor. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an incredible instructor.

Noah S. – Futures Trader

Take your trading to the next level.


Agnieszka's course helped me take my trading to the next level and positively changed me as a person and trader. Understanding how I tend to react to my thoughts while trading and developing strategic techniques to be in control have been my biggest takeaways. It was a great experience! I highly recommend this valuable course to all the struggling traders out there. 

Sundar Manickam – Stocks & Futures Trader


I was able to break through bad behavior patterns that I've struggled with for years.


Best investment I've made in my trading yet! It really helped me do a deep dive on my mindset issues and completely change the way I react emotionally. I see a massive change in myself and my results are starting to reflect it. Last week I had a nice 75% win rate vs much lower just a few weeks before.

Luke P. – Options Trader

I have worked with other coaches before. Agnieszka is something else.


She is able to guide you through the limiting beliefs and behaviors  that are holding you back. There were so many layers that I haven’t really perceived before. She helped me to become a better trader, but most of all, she helped me become a better person. It was a true transformation.

Zach R. – Futures Trader


"The Confident Trader program changed not only my trading, but it also changed my life" 

‚Äď Rob

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If this is you:


ūüü° You have been trading for a while 
ūüü° You struggle to stick to your strategy
ūüü° You keep breaking your rules
ūüü° You let emotions take over 
ūüü° You keep giving away your profits
ūüü° You don't feel confident 
ūüü° You are determined to succeed


Then this program is perfect for you!


What You’re Getting Inside The Confident Trader Program:

This is what you will get inside the program when you enroll, and this is just the beginning...


Total¬†of 6¬†months working with me ‚Äst your personal Trading Mindset Coach!


ūüü° ¬†14¬†weekly live One on One Coaching Calls 1.5-2h each (Month 1-3)
ūüü° ¬†3 Live Trading Sessions¬†(Month 1-3)
ūüü°¬† 12¬†weekly Accountability Check-ins¬†(Month 4-6)
ūüü° ¬†Feedback on your homework¬†assignments¬†
ūüü° ¬†Access to Your Mindset Coach between calls
ūüü° ¬†Life-time access to recordings from¬†the coaching calls
ūüü° ¬†24/7 lifetime access to member's online¬†platform (including updates)
ūüü° ¬†Training content specifically designed to guide your transformation¬†
ūüü° ¬†Video trainings, worksheets, exercises, templates, and more!
ūüü°¬†¬†Special¬†Discount¬†for¬†the best trading journal software
ūüü°¬† Instant Free¬†Access to Trader's Community



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Live Reviews of Your Trading Sessions


Month 1-3

($3000 Value)


Based on your live performance during trading sessions you'll receive feedback on how to improve your trading process and prevent triggers from unlocking your sabotaging behavior. Three live sessions throughout the program, 1.5 - 2 hour each.

Accountability Track with Weekly Check-ins


Month 4-6

($6000 Value)


You receive weekly feedback & recommendations based on your trading stats. These are focused on fine-tuning your process and improving your trading results. This Accountability Check-ins track starts week 13 (after the initial 12 weeks of The Confident Trader program) and continues for 3 months.

50% Discount for Online Trading Journal

Instant Access!

(Up to $240 Value*)


The Trading Journal is the best tool to boost your performance and help you find your edge. As The Confident Trader student you will get a 50% special discount* for the best trading journal software TraderSync Online on any offered monthly plan.

*Discount is valid for 6 months and the discount value depends on the chosen plan.


365-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!


I Stand Behind My Product and That's Why Your Investment is Fully Backed Up by My 365-Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you enroll in The Confident Trader program, I want there to be zero risk for you! I believe in this program so much that I'm willing to risk my own money that you will get results. 
Before I give you your money back you must complete the entire program, do the homework and attend all the coaching calls, make use of all the provided material and give it a consistent effort. You'll need to let me review your work and show how you've been implementing the strategies you've learned during the program on a consistent basis. If you haven't booked any improvement in your results or your trading habits then I will give you 100% of your money back. Click for details.

The Confident Trader just simply works and if it doesn't you can email me at [email protected].¬†¬†¬†



Discovering what is stopping you from achieving consistent trading results


- Setting Your Goals

- Defining Your WHY

- Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs

- Tracing Down Your Triggers

- Identifying Your Thinking Patterns


Creating Your New Trading Persona


- Key Mindset Shifts

- Forming Successful Mindset

- Developing Key Mental Skills 

- Changing Thinking Patterns

- Forming Supportive Habits



Becoming The Trader You Aspire To Be 


- Planning Your Journey Ahead

- Writing Your Trading Plan

- Shifting And Aligning Your Beliefs

- Activating Consistency Source

- New Reaction To Triggers



Success Built To Last 


- Maintaining The Alignment

- Using Your Body Intelligence

- Building Emotional Immunity

- Creating Support System

- Fine-tuning Your Trading Plan 


“How much does The Confident Trader cost?”


The mistake most people make is to think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper.

What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be. And…the cost associated with every trading mistake. The market will gladly take your money and it has no refund policy!

Ask yourself: If you can do it yourself, why haven’t you done it yet?


So, next people say, “Okay, I will read some books about mindset”

Which is possible! Gathering knowledge is great, but you have to realize that your problem is not the lack of knowledge.

You already know what you need to do. It is not the knowing, but the doing that you struggle with. And that, even the thickest book will not be able to fix for you.

This is your chance to do the doing and simply let me guide you through the transformation.


So you can finally get out of the uncertainty and stop to wonder whether you will ever make it.


And you can go through this journey of alignment and mindset transformation in just 12 weeks.


Schedule your call today and begin your journey to consistency and profits. Let your efforts finally pay off!