I help traders like you achieve consistent profit, so you can create the life you want. 


I help traders like you achieve consistent profit, so you can create the life you want. 




I'm Agnieszka Wood

After more than ten years of trading experience, watching the ebb and flow of my capital and learning from every possible lesson the market can teach, I live a life of freedom, financial independence and a great sense of fulfillment.

I founded Ahead Coach to support traders like you on your journey to success.

I walk with you every step of the way, helping you to unleash your confidence, find your strengths and learn to trust the leader within.

Your decision to work on your mindset with me could become one of the most important decisions you ever make as a trader.

Are you ready for your success?

Many people struggle reaching their trading goals

Beginning traders often share common issues, such as harboring a lack of belief in themselves, giving others the power to influence their trading decisions, or resisting the need to pivot and adjust with the market. Many hold on to patterns they’ve found helpful in the past, patterns that are now outdated and serve only as hurdles in trading.

How much more do you need to lose? 

If you are serious about your money, but you keep losing it, ask yourself how much longer you should wait before you decide to take your trading to the next level.

It isn't just about trading strategy

There are many books and online resources that will tell you how to trade stocks. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to just know the rules and setups. Even if you learn them all to a tee, in the end you will discover that it’s all about having the right mindset and confidence in yourself as a trader.

How Mindset Coaching helps you succeed?

From Thinking to Mindset

To trade profitably, you need to act out of mind-awareness as opposed to mind-fulness. Mindset Coaching takes you through that transformation.

Performance Zone

The best way to perform at your peak is to align with your strengths and with who you are. Mindset Coaching helps you identify what that means for you in the context of trading. 

Trading Decisions

Even if you know exactly what to do, when stakes are high, your choices can sabotage your success. Mindset Coaching teaches you to make the right decisions in any situation.


And most importantly...

Mindset Coaching helps you build the confidence you need to make money consistently and create the life you want.

Victoria N.

Day Trader

"This has by far been the best learning experience for trading the stock market.

Not only does it prepare you with the knowledge to trade, it prepares you to be emotionally, and mentally ready. I learned a lot about my thought process and believes that would not have allowed me to make good trading decisions.

Agnieszka truly cares about me as a person. She is a fabulous coach, and I would recommend her highly to anyone considering a career change into the stock market. I am so thankful that I was recommend to her by a personal friend, and student of hers. I had tried other programs and never could get even an answered email.

Thank you Agnieszka for the encouragement, knowledge, and positive energy that you have provided to me."

Chris H.

Day Trader

"After seeing a post about Agnieszka’s trader training, I decided to contact her and set up an initial conference call. That was the best decision I made. 

When I first started Agnieszka’s trading course, I had very little knowledge of how the stock market really worked. 3 1/2 months later, I’m happy to say, it was worth every cent.

The personal one-on-one training was perfectly suited to my way of learning. The one-on-one live trading sessions were very important, they embedded everything from the previous homework and exercises. Couple that with group sessions where we can all share and learn from each other, is priceless.

This course has completely changed my way of thinking and looking at things. Both with trading and on a personal level. It has set me on a path to achieving my goals, short and long term." 

Do you really want to succeed in trading?