‚Äď it's about personal integrity.


When you speak, mean what you say.

As traders we need to keep our word to ourselves at all times. We need to follow the rules and stick to our plan.

But I didn't know that when I first started trading. I had no idea what I was getting into. I saw it as an opportunity to learn something new, and I did not necessarily intend to make a living of it. At the time, I already had a well-prospering business and a great career in the corporate world. Having success so far in life, I had no doubts this will  turn out well.


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I still remember my very first trade. It was so easy! I made $1200 in about a minute! No regard for risk management of course, but I didn't give it much thought. I was hooked! From there, I was buying random stocks, watching them go against me and adding on the way down. And eventually I've lost a big chunk of my capital. That's when I realized trading wasn't as simple as "buy low, sell high" and achieving success in trading is not going to be as I've imagined.

My biggest struggle was sticking to my plan. 

When I started to follow it, consistent results followed.

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In the first years of my journey, I faced all the dilemmas that confront new traders at some point.

  • How do I know where to buy and where to sell?
  • How do I wait patiently for the right moment when the pressure is high?
  • How do I stay unemotional when there is money at stake?
  • How do I know for sure if my decision is the right one?
  • Will I ever be able to make a living as a trader?

To find answers to those questions, I started trying out new strategies, joined various online trading rooms and followed the leaders.

None of these steps improved my profit consistency, and none gave me confidence that I one day I will make it.


Because the real problem was not my strategy or my trading knowledge.


After going on a self-discovery journey I saw that it was me who was keeping myself stuck in the cycle of losing my gains.  Not my strategy or lack of market understanding.  It was simply not keeping my word to myself. I had to confront myself with that lack of integrity and by taking resolute actions I was able to turn things around.

That has changed everything. And not just in my trading, but also in other areas of my life.

In the next 6 months I doubled my account value and it got only better from there. I have been generating consistent income trading ever since. 

All you need is confidence.

To succeed in trading or in any other domain in life you need confidence. But feeling confident is only possible if you can trust yourself.

Unfortunately, you cannot build self-trust when you keep breaking your word to yourself, over and over again.

Are you determined to succeed and ready to commit to progress?

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Tune out the noise, and look inside. 

Throughout my life, I've spent years learning about human potential. I studied and practiced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which helped me understand how our mind helps us to achieve the results we want.

Trading put me to the ultimate test. How can I use the power of my mind to become a successful trader and achieve freedom?

After months of analyzing the strategies I had used to achieve my goals in life, looking at my beliefs that were sabotaging my progress and reasons why I could not stay disciplined I came to a very simple but groundbreaking conclusion.

I am trading at my best when I feel confident.

Only then I can truly perform.



I haven't given up. But I had to give up my way of thinking.


Going through the learning process of trading was one of the toughest yet most enriching experiences of my life. Not because I had to learn strategy and reading charts.

I had to learn to think differently. I had let go of the way I've learned to react to what was happening around me, change the meaning of things. I had to become a trader for a living.

And that transformation turned stock trading into a lucrative source of income, increased the quality of my life and also of those around me.


trading for a living

A few more bits about me


I am in love with yoga. It helps me keep my mind focused, disciplined and flexible.

I am Polish and I love danish - the pastry.

I am obsessed with palm trees. I love everything about them! 

I collect notebooks. I love the blank pages waiting for new stories to develop.

I love the word “love” (if you haven’t noticed).