Trade Less, Gain More: The Art of Letting Go

mindset transformation trading psychology Apr 12, 2024

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Have you ever found yourself overtrading, glued to the screen, watching every little price change, unable to step away? How often have you resisted the urge to take a break, even though a part of you knew it would probably be the best thing for both your trading account and your sanity? You’re not alone in this. In my years of working with traders, I’ve seen many fall into this very trap. It’s a common challenge, but it's also one that can be overcome.

That’s exactly why I want to talk about the art of letting go in trading today.

Letting go is really about knowing when to do something and when it's okay to just watch. It's like when deciding on anything big in your life. You want to make sure you're sure about it before you jump in. The same should implicate in trading. If you're not feeling confident, then why rush? No one is forcing you to make a trade every single day! Sometimes, the smartest move you can make is no move at all.

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle, feeling like we need to be constantly busy. But that's not always the best approach. Before jumping into something, especially something as serious as trading can mean the difference between profit and loss—it's crucial to pause and think things through. Ask yourself if you're doing it because you believe it's a good idea, or just because you feel like you should be doing something.

This isn't about being lazy or scared; it's about being smart and patient. So you save your energy and effort for the things you're sure about, the things you believe in. And don’t get me wrong it's natural to be passionate about your craft and want to succeed, but sometimes that burning desire can lead to things that are bad for you. You can sabotage your success: overtrading and emotional exhaustion. 

The truth is, that successful trading requires discipline and the ability to step away when necessary. This is where "The Art of Letting Go" comes into play. Learning to detach from the markets, even for a day or two, can be a refreshing and profitable experience.


How Letting Go Can Boost Your Performance?

First, let's explore what stepping away and letting go can offer you as a trader. This practice isn't just about avoiding overtrading—it's about creating space for better decision-making, enhanced clarity, and ultimately, improved performance. 

  • Clearer Perspective - The journey through the trading market is fraught with emotional highs and lows, each capable of skewing your clarity. Permitting yourself to step back momentarily helps restore mental sharpens. It's like stepping back from a painting to see the bigger picture. When you return, you'll often find yourself making better, more rational choices.

  • Reduced Emotional Impact Emotions can cloud your judgment in trading. Stepping away helps you regain emotional balance and prevents impulsive actions driven by fear or greed.

  • Safeguarding the Capital Ironically, overtrading, driven by the desire to increase wealth, can erode your trading capital. By learning when to let go, you protect your financial resources for better opportunities.

  • Improved Decision-Making Quality often outweighs quantity in trading. By trading less frequently, you focus on high-quality setups, which can lead to more consistent profits. As Warren Buffett once said: "The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient."

The Trader’s Guide to Letting Go

Now that we've looked at the benefits of stepping back and letting go, let’s focus on practical strategies to help you put this concept into action. Mastering the art of letting go isn't just a mental shift; it involves specific, actionable steps that can guide you to trade more wisely and with greater peace of mind. From setting boundaries to developing daily rituals, these strategies are designed to help you maintain control over your trading impulses and enhance your overall trading discipline.

Try to implement these techniques:


1. Develop a Ritual for Market Detachment

Setting up a daily habit that marks your break from the market can make a big difference. And it doesn’t have to be anything complicated! You could decide to shut down your trading platform at the same time every day, take some time for meditation, or go for a short walk to clear your thoughts. 

💡 These kinds of rituals help you make a clear cut between your trading time and your own time. It's a way to remind yourself that there’s life outside the market, giving you the space you need to relax and come back refreshed.


2. Set Strict Trading Hours

A good strategy to prevent overtrading is treating trading as if it's your day job by deciding on specific hours you'll trade. Pick the times when the market is best for your style of trading and when you feel most alert and ready. After those hours are up, really take a step back from trading. 

This way, you make sure you've got time for fun or relaxing things, keeping your life well-rounded and not just focused on trading!


3. Take Time to Think About Your Trades

It's crucial to take a step back and think about your trading actions, not just in terms of profit or loss but also in understanding your emotional and psychological state during those decisions. Regularly dedicating time for this reflection helps you assess not just the outcomes but the reasoning behind your trades.

💡 Next time when you're about to decide about the next move, ask yourself, "What motivated my decision at that moment? Was it fear, greed, or a well-thought-out strategy?" and "How did my emotions influence my decision-making process?".

This self-reflection is invaluable. It guides you in recognizing patterns in your behavior that could indicate when it's wise to hold on or when letting go of a trade is the best move. By understanding your emotional triggers and responses, you can make more informed decisions, determining when stepping back is not just necessary but beneficial for your trading journey and mental well-being.


4. Accept Losses and Treat Them as Business Costs

A significant aspect of letting go involves accepting losses as an integral part of the trading journey. Understand that even the most successful traders face losses and that each loss provides a learning opportunity. Embrace a philosophy of continuous learning, where every setback serves as a stepping stone towards greater wisdom and resilience in trading.


5. Evaluating Your TRUE Trading Performance

When you start to celebrate the small stuff, like sticking to your trading plan or staying calm under pressure, you shift your focus away from the financial outcome to your personal growth and resilience. Being happy about small victories means you're valuing your development over your profits, which in turn makes it easier to let go of the stress and anxiety tied to financial results. 

💡 Remember, success in trading isn’t just about the money you make!

Got better at sticking to your trading plan? That's a win. Made a smart decision under pressure? Another win. Managed to keep your cool in a tense trade? Huge win! So, don’t wait for the big wins to feel proud.


6. Make Changing Clothes Your Switch-Off Ritual

Here's a simple but powerful tip that might surprise you: just change your clothes. 

When you're done trading for the day, swapping your work clothes for something super comfy can help your brain get that it's time to relax. It's like telling your mind, "Okay, we're done thinking about stocks and trades for now." 

This little action of changing outfits can feel like you're taking off all the day's stress along with your work clothes. It's a signal to yourself that you're stepping out of the trading world and into your time, where you can chill and recharge.

💡 Think about it like this: after a long day, imagine how nice it feels to kick off those formal shoes and slip into your favorite slippers. That's the kind of feeling we're aiming for. It’s a way to remind yourself that there’s a whole life outside of trading, full of things that make you happy and relaxed.

7. Holiday Breaks: Your "Let Go" Time

Finally, and certainly not to be overlooked, there's the gift of holidays!
 They're your golden chance to master "The Art of Letting Go."

This is when you can really unwind, hang out with family and friends, and just recharge your batteries. Taking a break from trading for a day or two isn’t about missing out on something big. It’s actually about giving back to yourself, and building up your energy and happiness again. 

💡 Think of it as investing in your success for the long run, making sure you're coming back stronger and ready to take on the market with a fresh perspective.





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Subscribe and receive my 2-week free email series with easy and immediately actionable tips to help you break free from the failing cycle.

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I respect your privacy. For details see the Privacy Policy below on this page.