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Consistency in 90 days – Trading Mindset Mastery Journey®

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Are you struggling to stick to your plan and keep losing your gains?
When you enroll, in just 90 days you'll learn to follow your trading plan consistently, so you can finally become a consistently profitable trader.

Following your trading plan is the quickest and most effective way to get out of the failing cycle and stop giving away your trading gains. This is what you'll get out of this program, and more!

I'm Agnieszka Wood and I'll be your Trading Mindset Coach on this journey. Over the past years, with my background as a life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Trainer (20+ yrs), as well as 10+ yrs successful day trader,  I’ve helped many traders develop consistency and become profitable.

I'm excited about working with you! Get ready to hear from me as soon as you enroll, because I give each student personal attention! 



✅ Instant Unlimited Access 🤩

When you enroll you receive lifetime access to the comprehensive program content, recordings from the coaching calls, and 24/7 access to the online Member's Platform. You'll also receive mindset coaching guidance throughout the entire program and access to the private community. 

✅ Online Course ($1497 value) 🤩

This course offers a comprehensive package of trading mindset video classes, quizzes, exercises, and a workbook. All to assure that you:

✔ Overcome your struggles in trading
✔ Achieve profit consistency
✔ Shift sabotaging beliefs that limit your potential as a trader
✔ Implement empowering beliefs and good trading habits
✔ Build emotional resilience and confidence
✔ Develop mental skills for a lasting high-level performance
✔ Align your trading style with who you are to get an edge
✔ Establish your trading routine

✅ Six Months of LIVE Group Coaching ($557 value) 🤩

Six monthly Live Zoom coaching calls with me as your Trading Mindset Coach to assure your progress, integrating the knowledge and getting real time breakthroughs. It's also an opportunity to connect with fellow traders! Recordings included.

You can join the call at 1 p.m. EST or 7 p.m. EST each month.

✅ Exclusive Masterclass ($497 value) 🤩

This 3-part course is all about aligning your beliefs with your intention to be a profitable trader. It helps to stick to your trading plan and get on the path of consistent profits. This masterclass includes videos and a workbook to support your alignment journey.

PLUS Special Bonus 🎁 

✅ Mindset Mastery Trader's Toolkit ($199 value)

Mindset Mastery Tools Package that will make your practice not only highly effective but also enjoyable! They are specifically designed to help you develop good trading habits leading to consistency and discipline.  

PLUS Risk-Free Investment! 💰 

✅ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

I want to make this decision easy for you. When you enroll you are backed by a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

You'll have a full month to go through the program, join the live call, implement the strategies, and make good use of the tools provided. If after that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, you'll get your money back. For more details, Click Here.



Great Trading Psychologist! Agnieszka has a great teaching style. Her knowledge of psychology and how it relates to trading, especially negative trading behaviors, is very insightful. I especially enjoyed the interactive session in which she was able to help several students with their specific issues. It really showed she knows her stuff!

Noah - Day Trader

Agnieszka has a gift for seeing clearly, asking penetrating questions with all-in supportiveness, and providing tangible steps for successful change. Her coaching is working for me and I highly recommend it to you.

Greg - Day Trader

The program covers all you need to work on your mindset and to overcome the psychological aspects of trading. Programs like this are not easy to find in the trading industry and it is completely worth it. It is a must if you want to succeed as a trader.

Gustavo - Swing Trader