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Trading Mindset Mastery Journey®

Join this journey to develop a strong trading mindset and emotional immunity – the quickest and the most effective way to get out of the failing cycle and become a profitable trader.

Learn from Agnieszka Wood a Trading Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, as well as veteran day trader with over a decade of market experience. Over the past years, she guided many traders through their mindset transformation and helped them to move toward consistent profits.


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When you enroll you receive lifetime access to the program content and 24/7 access to the online Member platform  

  • Unlock Your Trading Mindset

    (value $997)

Video course focused on trading psychology, building emotional immunity and a strong trading mindset. It is the key element of the Journey and your mindset transformation, based on  my 3-step framework approach to a new way of trading, so you can be in control, follow your rules, and execute your trading plan with ease and joy. Accompanied by a workbook with practical exercises.

  • 12 Monthly Q&A Sessions 

    (value $397)

Live Zoom session with Agnieszka "All things trading mindset" throughout the entire year! 

  • Mindset Mastery Trader's Toolkit

    (value $199)

Tools that are specifically designed to practice mental skills and help you in developing good trading habits  leading to consistency and discipline. 

  • Pay in Full Bonus ($497 value)

Freedom from Failing Training

This 3-part training is all about the aligning your beliefs with your intention to be a profitable trader in order to build integrity so you can stick to. your trading plan and and get on the path of consistent profits. 

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I give you "Try It, Practice & Apply It" 30-day Money Back Guarantee. You'll have the opportunity to put what you learn on the Trading Mindset Mastery Journey® into action and watch the changes happen. For more details see Terms & Conditions below on this page.



Great Trading Psychologist! Agnieszka has a great teaching style. Her knowledge of psychology and how it relates to trading, especially negative trading behaviors, is very insightful. I especially enjoyed the interactive session in which she was able to help several students with their specific issues. It really showed she knows her stuff!

Noah - Day Trader

Agnieszka has a gift for seeing clearly, asking penetrating questions with all-in supportiveness, and providing tangible steps for successful change. Her coaching is working for me and I highly recommend it to you.

Greg - Day Trader