If trading is not about money, what then?

All the things that trading is about. 

When I started trading a decade ago, my friends were looking at me like I was crazy. For someone like me, As a marketing professional passionate about spiritual and emotional development I simply did not fit the profile. Working with numbers, technical analysis just trying to make money seemed just not like me. 

And maybe for many people who are getting into it, this is what trading is about. But in the process of becoming a trader for a living I’ve learned that trading is not about charts. It’s not about knowing all the technical ins and outs. And that the last thing it is about is money. 

For me this journey has been about closing the gap between what you want, how you want to see yourself and who you are. It’s about facing your deepest fears and bringing back your long forgotten desires. It’s about your willingness to change the way you think and giving up your Ego. It’s about facing and allowing yourself to be who you truly are.

Many would say that trading is about making money. But, money is just an outcome, a result of the trading journey, if you follow the map (that is your trading plan). Because if you just focus on the money, you will get stuck in a tunnel vision and miss out on all the opportunities that the universe is giving you. You will become enslaved by your thoughts and emotions, losing yourself completely in everything that happens around you. You will be like a kite thrown in the wind going nowhere.

To me trading has been a life lesson. It taught me how to take care of myself, how to be humble and how to act in my own interest. It also redefined the meaning of the word loser. It made the need for being right obsolete.  

To me being a trader is not a job, but a lifestyle. It’s a mindset. It’s a journey of never ending self-discovery. It thought me that no matter what happens, I always have the power in my hands to make decisions and act in my own best interest. 

Becoming a trader has truly redefined my life. It brought balance to every domain of it. My mind, my health, my marriage, my relationships and my career. It changed the way I feel, how I respond to things around me, how I deal with problems and make my choices. It helped me tune into the flow of life and find the way to move forward with calm and joy, no matter what challenge I face. It made me a person I love, appreciate and I am proud of.  Everyday.

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